Tuesday, January 31, 2012

KNYEW 4 Year Anniversary

I meant to post this last month but for one reason or another never got around to it. Recently my vegas fam & native New Yorkers, DJ Neva & DJ Crooked, co-owners of the one stop shop for streetwear in Las Vegas, celebrated a huge milestone- 4 years of business. In this economy and just surviving in the retail business for that long in general deserves lots of praise. Whenever I make it out to Vegas I make sure I spend a day hanging out at the store stocking up on "knyew" gear and just kickin it w/all the knyew homies. They have a great NY vibe going on in there from the beats to the t's to jackets to even backpacks, you name it. Acapulco Gold, Crooks & Castles, Fuct, Hundreds, Orisue, Rocksmith and of course Knyew are just some of the brands they carry. Late last year Knyew expanded to a bigger location just down the street from the original one at 3999 Spring Mountain Rd Between Valley View Blvd & Wynn Dr. If you're ever out in Vegas you definitely need to check out the shop. Crooked & Neva have managed to create a small piece of NY amidst all the oversaturated, typical Vegas stores on the strip. Even if you're not in Vegas anytime soon, you can always check out their online shop at http://knyew.com/shop/ to see what's new and hot in the streets. Congrats to KNYEW! I wish you guys many more years of success. Now check out the epic mewwwwvie we shot in soho w/a bunch of NY DJs to commemorate the 4 year anniversary and market the Knyew/Hundreds collaboration snapbacks designed for the occasion...

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